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  1. Hi Mac! My name is Kathryn Tinsley and Brian and Carley Baggs (from your church) are very good friends of mine. Carley forwarded me your latest blog about Song of Solomon and I must say you have a great sense of humor! I love the pictures that go along with your blogs too! I just finished reading Song of Solomon myself and was strangely turned on by it. I was thinking, “God, am I supposed to be turned on from reading your Word??” I completely agree with you about sex being an amazing gift from God and that we should have plenty of it. However, if I was a prude or a new Christian not familiar with the Bible, I might be confused about what you said b/c you left out a very important part that this should only be enjoyed in the context of marriage and that Solomon was already married to his hot lover when he wrote this. You are a talented writer and God has blessed you with creativity and wit!

    • Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read the blog Kathryn! And thank you for the compliment on my writing. I appreciate that very much and was really encouraged.

      You’re right that I didn’t mention in context of marriage. (Though it was slightly touched on in the first few comments.) My goal in writing is to (hopefully) wake people up to read the Bible and think about it for themselves. To present it in a way that sparks imagination and curiosity, rather than teach doctrine, theology or church history (though I believe those things to be valuable.)

      Thank you again for your thoughts and perspective! I hope you have a truly fantastic day!

  2. Mac, I stumbled across your blog while searching for pictures of Leviathan (I just finished Job this morning on my annual lap around the Bible). I kid myself that I’m a writer (and have a single fiction publishing credit to waive around like some sort of floppy heraldic banner to prove it). I’ve been a Christian for roughly 11 years, which is to say less than a quarter of my life. Thank goodness for Leviathan. You’re blog rocks! I’ll be back…

  3. Hi Mac! It seems like you’ve stopped using this and its probably like checking that awkward old myspace account that you haven’t seen in years but I really enjoyed reading this and it has totally inspired me to get back in to my bible reading! To be honest I spent most of my time looking at your stupid memes but I love your witty comments about the bible, they really made me laugh and I think people who haven’t read the bible before would be inspired by your summaries and relation to pop culture. It’s pretty sweet. Hope you’re still writing and kicking ass on mission trips!!!

    • Hey thanks for the encouragement! I’m thinking about finishing the blog, and keeping it going…so I really appreciate you saying you enjoyed it!

  4. Hi Mac! I just discovered this, while looking up “Isaiah was a stripper”, as I’m currently running the same project on Facebook! Do you mind if I link to your site, and mine the hell out of it for choice jokes and info? 😛

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