Sweet Brown vs. My Dad

P90XWhat You’ve Missed…
* I joined Instagram
* P90X is now a thing that exists in my life.  Six days a week.  At 7:15am.
* I’ve discovered it’s possible to accomplish things before 8am.  That kind of blew my mind.
* I’m a “protein shake for breakfast” person now.  I don’t know how I feel about that.
* Gossip columnist Perez Hilton had a kid, and I’m still single.  What the hell?

Daily Reading

It always kills me when I hear people say, “No excuses!”  Mostly because I’m usually the guy with the excuses.  Also because my excuses are usually pretty good.  In response to needing an excuse for not having updated this blog since October 23 of last year, allow me to quote Sweet Brown (my favorite person ever) and say, “Ain’t nobody got time for dat!”

SweetBrownThat’s how I’ve felt about the blog for the past few months.  Day-to-day life just seemed to take over, and I didn’t have the time to write posts as often as I’d like.  Though, as I read that to myself out loud an image of my father appears in my brain, looks around at the mess (unapprovingly I might add) and steps carefully around the clutter, raising his eyebrows at me, then says with a tone of fatherly disappointment, “Ain’t nobody got time for dat?  Son, at least make some attempt to let people know you have a college degree.  Also, I think the real issue is that you didn’t MAKE time for that.”

Admittedly he’s right.  While I tend to think I didn’t have the time, my dad walks around my brain pointing out everything I have made time for, holding it up like dirty laundry between two fingers.  Watching seasons one and two of Breaking Bad?  I got time for dat.  Legally gambling at the local Poker Room?  I got time for dat.  Playing Call of Duty online?  For hours?  Without sleep?  Oh, I got LOTS of time for dat!

CallofDutyThis is the part where my dad just looks at me, wondering what the hell is wrong with his kid.  I dunno Dad.  I guess I’ve always been better at exploring multiple outlets for my creativity than exploring healthy time management.  (Dad’s expression lets me know that he’s not ready to embrace Call of Duty as a legitimate creative outlet.  We decide to just live and let live for now.)

So what does all this rambling mean?  It means that I plan on writing this blog again.  It means that I’ve actually missed it.  While this blog was a major focus of my life, I was constantly thinking about the character of God, my relationship with Him and how it all relates to this human experience.  I was having interesting conversations with people about all that stuff.  (As opposed to “interesting” conversations with 15 year-old kids who were clearly outgunning me online.)  I want to reclaim that.

PerezHiltonI did finish reading the Bible in a year, but I never finished writing about it.  And truth be told, I kinda rushed through the end there to meet my deadline, which technically I missed by a day.

So I hope you’ll tune back in to finish out the Bible with me.  I also hope you’ll share your thoughts and opinions along the way, as I plan to continue to explore the craziness of God even after I’ve run out of Bible.  I’m not real sure who’s reading this, other than internet spam bots and my mom, but whoever you are I want you to know….it’s good to be back.  Thanks for waiting.

13 thoughts on “Sweet Brown vs. My Dad

  1. i totally look forward to your craziness and sick humor, tongue in cheek, and mad look at the bible. i too am reading the bible in a year for the first time this year. i like your take. thanx for making it fun to read your blog.

  2. you’re awesome and I am excited you’re back. and kind of jealous that you’re getting all buff and stuff.

  3. Mac you make me laugh out loud. And the great thing is we have FREEDOM to be quiet or loud on our blogs or anywhere in between. But I DO love that you’re picking it back up. I find that I’m more engaged spiritually when I’m writing too. Love your mind!!

    • Loving/Hating P90X. Loving it because it’s working. Hating it because it’s 6 days a week…and the ab workout is INSANE.

      I’m 2 months in….5 weeks to go.

      Also…I did 5 pull-ups yesterday, which is 5 more than I could do at the beginning. Woo hoo!!!

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